Bait Aldhaw company offers the best and outstanding services with the support of classified and highly expertise Kuwaiti companies that are registered in central Tenders Committee – Kuwait and Kuwait Municipality. That allows the company to provide the best “State of the Art” services with High Quality to our customers.

Towards providing the best services, Bait Aldhaw Company prepares with each project a contract between the parties and is signed and printed on company letter heads to ensure customer rights and best results. Also, the company hands over to the owner the stages of the work after ending from each stage with signed official letter. The company submits to the owner receipt for each payment being paid as per the payment terms agreement to ensure the customers rights.

The company offers all types of guarantee on all works done by the company, ensuring the customer high quality, safety and comfort. The guarantees are classified as follows:

20 years guarantee on the main black structure

5 years guarantee… and electrical work

Guarantees of air conditions and compressors